Not everything has a finish line

Our culture is preoccupied with the drama of succeeding and failing. 

People are constantly setting up binary worlds that allow each other to think in purely win and lose terms. That’s why we’re told over and over that failure isn’t an option. That if we fail when nobody’s looking, it’s not really a failure. That if there isn’t an opportunity for failure, it’s not innovative. And that if we fail and life goes back to normal, our story wasn’t worth telling. 

Krishnamurti famously said that if you are on the right path for you, you will not think in terms of succeeding or failing. It’s only when people don’t really love what they’re doing that they think in those terms. 

Another endeavor that pressures people to preoccupy themselves with success or failure is the creative process.

There’s no succeeding or failing, there’s just where you are and where you want to go. 

Besides, since when did it become possible to fail at expression yourself? 

That’s the whole point. You can do whatever the hell you want. Once you’ve created something, there is no failure because you now own something that nobody can take away from you, which is the person you became by making it. 

Fuck the finish line. Just enjoy practicing.


How does your preoccupation with the drama of succeeding and failing affect your performance?


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