Never underestimate the power of entertainment value

People are tired, busy, hungry and horny. They know everything, they need nothing, and they’re not changing their mind about anything. They’re going do what they’re going to do, and there’s not much we can do about it. 

And so, before we even attempt to educate, inspire, persuade, influence, motivate and fix people, job number one is to entertain them. To distract them. To hold their attention pleasantly. To make them laugh and smile and relax. To satisfy their deep, human longing to disconnect from reality. To hack their happiness chemicals until those neurotransmitters get them high as a kite. 

Once we do that, once we get past that engagement hurdle, anything is possible. Because entertainment is the stairway that takes people down to more interesting places. It’s what primes the brain to receive new information. It’s how people’s neural networks get preheated without people knowing. 

Years ago my mentor was conducting a sales seminar. I stood in the back to watch him perform and, more importantly, watch the audience react. About halfway through the presentation, I discovered that man next to me had driven several hours to attend the seminar. When I asked him why he traveled so far, he said something I’ll never forget. 

His information is great, but I’m just here for the entertainment value. 

Maximus was right when he asked the coliseum audience his famous question. 

Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here? 

The answer is yes. It’s human nature. Put on a show. Help people relax. And then you can sneak in the side door and finish the job. 


Who’s driving three hours just to watch you perform?


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