The Nametag Manifesto — Chapter 1: The End of Strangers

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“Everyone should wear nametags, all the time, everywhere, forever.”

That’s my thesis, philosophy, dangerous idea and theory of the universe.

My name is Scott, and I’ve been wearing a nametag for past four thousand days.

And after traveling to hundreds of cities, a dozen countries, four continents, meeting tens of thousands of people, constant experimentation and observation, building a enterprise and writing a dozen books in the process, I believe, with all my heart, that the societal implications of wearing nametags could change everything.

This is my manifesto:

CHAPTER 1: The End of Strangers
If everybody wears nametags, there is a higher overall intimacy level.

People no longer resort to using impersonal name substitutes like buddy, ace, boss, sport, dude, chief or hey you. Instead, through the basic unit of self-disclosure, we reduce the social distance between each other. We don’t have to snap our fingers to get someone’s attention. We just say their name and start engaging.
The nametag is a conversational entry point. It’s an interactional accelerator. Permission is granted, socialization ensues and the lines of communication are sparked open.

Now, we’re not just amicable strangers – we’re sharing our humanity with each other. We don’t have to wait to warm up to each other. We can just cut the crap and connect.

Nametags humanize us. They enable a tightly knit social fabric. They make it easier to treat each other with dignity, respect and compassion. And they give us permission to reveal ourselves to each other quickly, openly and honestly.

As a result, they reinforce the understanding that we’re all one, and that hurting another individual is no different that hurting ourselves. So we stop. Instead of a call to arms, it’s a call to connect.

If everybody wears nametags, no more fighting, no more intolerance and no more disrespect.

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You are now ready for chapter two.

Or, you can download The Nametag Manifesto, in full, for free, right now, here.

What’s your manifesto?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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Never the same speech twice.

Now booking for 2012!

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