My own needs disgust and insult me

Getting sick can be painful. 

But getting angry and frustrated at ourselves for being sick, that can be suffering. 

Because it’s an extra layer of resistance and confusion and despair that we create in reaction to our pain, which actually compounds the hurt and makes us feel worse than we really are. 

My own needs insult me. I’m not crying because the stomach bug hurts, I’m crying because I’m the kind of person who shouldn’t even have the bug in the first place. 

The goal, then, is learning to forgive ourselves when our bodies fail us. Not to become disgusted with our own needs, but to accept and respect ourselves as people who have them. 

Gawain’s book on true prosperity puts it perfectly. 

Every one of us is born into this life with the innate power to make our contribution and to create fulfillment for ourselves. However, this power needs to be developed. Most of us have been wounded during the course of our lives in ways that cause us to doubt or deny our own true power. Feeling somewhat helpless to meet our own needs, we repress them. Going through life unconscious of our own real desires. 

It’s all a matter of expectation. We suffer not only because things go wrong, but because things go wrong against a backdrop of what we expected. 

Turns out, though, there are no rules saying that we must be independent. 

Each of us is entitled to have our needs met. No matter how silly they sound.  


Where in your life do you feel above the situation, as if this should not be happening to you?

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Scott Ginsberg

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