Maybe it is not part of my path in this lifetime

What if you have to abandon a dream you’ve already given so much of yourself to? 

What if your dream ends up being more trouble than it’s worth? 

What if your dream is suddenly over before it’s even started? 

These scenarios are possible. Maybe even probable. And they will make you feel sad, unmotivated and tempted to beat yourself up. 

But once you’re finished crying until you can’t breathe anymore, what you might announce to yourself is:

Well, maybe it is not part of my path in this lifetime. And that’s okay. 

Maybe dreams don’t always come wrapped in the package I was hoping for. And that’s okay. 

Maybe it’s enough to relax and enjoy the view on the strange detours in my road. And that’s okay. 

Lefsetz wrote a brilliant essay on this very topic:

Life rarely turns out the way we planned. If you opt out, you’re no longer a member of the tribe, you’re the other, on your own path, and sometimes the stars align and your choice is exalted, but usually this isn’t so. If you take the road less traveled, you’ve got to be secure, no one is going hold your hand, you’re going against the grain and those who are with it are not going to encourage and support you. 

Sound scary? It is. And that’s okay too. 


Are you looking for people to tell you that your dreams are crazy so you can abandon them and make it their fault, not yours?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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