Make Your Brand Worth Sharing

If you want to get people hooked, give them a greater sense of occasion.

Turn a
routine arrival, subscription, payment or membership into a happening, a big
deal and amoment worth remembering.

When you practice yoga at Bikram
Los Angeles, new students get their name written on a huge chalkboard in the
lobby to commemorate their first class.

With you order speakers from Noogi,
their trademark wooden shipping containers turn the routine chore of opening
boxes into a substantial moment of celebration.

When you board the Disney
Fantasy, crewmembers announce your family’s name on the intercom system for the
entire cruise to hear.

When you buy tickets for Once,
actors encourage audience members to join them onstage for preshow jam sessions
and intermission popup pubs.

When you sign up for Zipwhip, employees
new customer acquisitions with a whimsical automated flag raising to keep
victories visible.

Each of these organizations makes the mundane memorable in a fun,
unique and engaging way that’s consistent with their brand and worth sharing.


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