Makes me the proud owner of my wholeness

When we only concentrate on finding the right career, instead of becoming the right person in the process, then we set ourselves up for repeated disappointment. 

Because the job is not the point. That’s just the current incarnation. Our vehicle for ongoing reinvention. And they can take it away from us at any time. The economic winds can shift on a moment’s notice. 

What matters, what lasts, is moving from our condition of brokenness to wholeness. Finding the love we can never lose. Building an integrated life that conveys a deep sense of meaning and evokes a dazzling quality of aliveness, regardless of whether or not we have exactly everything we always wanted at this very moment. 

The longing for what is missing, that melancholy of existential incompleteness, this is precisely the type of energy that will repel the people we are so desperately trying to impress. 

Reminds me of some relationship advice my aunt once gave me:

Love is not about finding the one person who will complete you, love is about two people coming together to share their mutual completeness

Remember, the more we assume that when we find the right thing, then everything will be all right, the further we are running from wholeness. 

We must decide that we are enough, right here, right now. 

And then carry that love with us out into the world for all to enjoy. 


When will you take the next step in the direction of your wholeness?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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