Make your enthusiasms happy

Here’s a terrific passage from an old yoga journal

Intuition is the only reliable equipment we have for navigating in this flawed phenomenal universe of ours. 

Which doesn’t mean it’s a perfect tool, but it’s certainly a knife that’s worth sharpening.

To do so, all it requires is some intention and attention. Reading books, taking online courses and attending weekend seminars probably won’t hurt, but there’s no need to break the bank just yet. 

Start by asking yourself a few compelling questions. 

What vision of the future makes you the most curious? What things provide you the most positive energy? And what endeavors in life has something deep inside told you not to give up on? What is hard wired in you that would feel bad not doing? 

Odds are, there will be some overlap between your answers. Good. Now all you have to do is take one small step in that direction. 

Like the first time we walked through the beautiful historic tunnel in my neighborhood park. The acoustics were magical, the aesthetics were inspiring and the ambiance was breathtaking. And in that moment, something inside urged me to come back the next day with my guitar and fill that tunnel with music. 

Since then, the tunnel has become my weekly performance venue, a new income stream, the visual centerpiece of my first concert documentary and a cherished sanctuary where I go to connect with self and others. 

Because the intuition is reliable equipment. And each time we follow and listen with it, we water and fertilize our faith in ourselves. 


What if you saw things as the natural consequence of your own correct intuitive prioritizations?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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