Make your decisions in the light of the high hour

Can you tell the difference between patience and procrastination? 

It’s harder than you think. 

Because it’s one thing to take your time and avoid rushing and ship quality work out the door; but it’s another thing to delude yourself with a brilliantly executed stalling maneuver. 

It reminds me of my lawyer friend. God bless his extreme detail orientation, which is essential in the legal professional where there is zero margin for error. But when it comes to picking a restaurant for dinner, he couldn’t make a decision if his life depended on it. 

Marty would rather ask a thousand questions and vet multiple online reviews and send out a survey to everyone in the group to see if the data has statistical significance. 

Sweet merciful lord, can we just eat tacos and move on with our lives? Does it really matter where we eat if we’re are all together?

Besides, life is not about the food on the table, it’s about the people sitting around it. 

In fact, it’s not even about dinner. It’s about decisions. Knowing that our whole life doesn’t depend on every choice we make, and so, we as well just get on it with.

Because eventually, each of us is going to have to plant a flag on a mountain of uncertainty and make some decisions based on less than complete information. It will be scary and threaten our sense of control. And it will make us want to barge off into the land of procrastination where we can continue to stall the process. 

But if we can resist that, we might have a real chance at moving our story forward. 


How impatient can you afford to be? 
* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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