Lying takes skill, but honesty takes courage

Be radically honest when most people would say nothing. 

It’s a
simple but scary notion. 

Because in many cases, we’re afraid to be honest for
fear that someone won’t like us. But the reality is, in that moment of silence,
there’s likely to be some tension in the air. And if we can be the brave person
who relieves it, all is forgiven. 

In my experience, radical honesty when most
people would say nothing has many conversational benefits. 

First, it’s unexpected,
since telling the truth has become a revolutionary act. And anytime you can
create surprise in the air, it’s a perfect time to give someone new ideas. 

Second, it’s refreshing, since most people are jaded from the countless times
they’ve been burned, duped, fooled, conned, tricked, scammed and screwed over.
And deep down, all they really want is to connect with people who won’t
bullshit them. 

Third, it’s liberating, since true freedom comes from refusing
to hide. No more pretending and performing and posturing, just taking
responsibility as the brave being who notices the moment. 

And finally, it’s
relaxing, since dishonesty is
the primary source of modern human stress

That’s my favorite part. Because although lying is effective, it’s also a lot
of work. And I’m a busy guy. I’d rather burn my calories on something more

As my mentor once said, lying takes skill, but
honesty takes courage. 

Remember, everybody who is honest is interesting. 

challenge you to put a priority on speaking your microscopic truth. 

when most people would say nothing. 


What does honesty oblige you to do in this situation?

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