Loving yourself is not an indulgence

One of our chief goals in life is to make ourselves proud. To experience the satisfaction of having lived up to our expectations for ourselves. 

And so, any time we write or compose or code or perform a piece of work that we’re legitimately proud of, it’s important to take a moment, look at the art and say, wow, now that’s really good, nice job

To forget all about our cultural conditioning that says modesty is a virtue and being pleased with ourselves is somehow a sin, and stand in recognition of our accomplishment and think, nailed it. 

This brand of acknowledgement is a simple, free and easy way to be more kind to ourselves. It’s also what keeps the creative channel open. What we appreciate, appreciates. 

The professional golfer comes to mind. When they want to express the profound satisfaction derived from knocking a tiny ball from one place to another, they do a fist pump. It’s the universal celebratory gesture to denote enthusiasm and exuberance for a job well done. 

Tiger did it best when he won his fourth green jacket. 

And so, we artists learn from the athlete. We pump our fists, in whatever way we choose, without fear of immodesty or persecution or harassment, without worrying about receiving penalty strokes from excessive celebration. 

Because the reality is, there’s no governing body or rules official or ethics committee who’s going to scold us for loving ourselves. Life is art. We can do whatever we want. And that includes acknowledging moments when we make ourselves proud. 

At the expense of not appearing humble, turn off your modesty filters, surrender your false humility and give yourself a good fist pump.

That’s how’sdone, son.


How are you practicing being kind to yourself in small, concrete ways?


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