Love joins everything

Moore once wrote that we can’t force love into existence, we can only create space for it to arrive. 

This mantra comes from his book about the alchemy of working, although it’s also brilliant relationship advice. 

Because although we can’t be expected to buy in, subscribe to or obsess over the exact same things as our partner, there’s still a standing obligation to believe in their yes. To demonstrate care and concern in a way they would experience as loving. To join their journey, as the saying goes, regardless of how different it is than our own. 

Byron’s inspiring book of coaching dialogues summarized it perfectly:

Love joins everything, without condition. It doesn’t avoid the nightmare, it looks forward to it an then inquires. There is no way to join except to get free of your belief that you want something from your partner. 

We don’t have to accept all of our partner’s realities in the same moment. 

But we still need to join their journey. Otherwise we’re just roommates. 


Have you learned the skill of being a good sport?

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Scott Ginsberg

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