Liberate yourself from the small world of ego

The hardest thing to believe is that the world does not revolve around us. 

Because we’re all the stars of our own little movies. As it says on the subway poster by my apartment, we’re one city of eight million centers of the universe

But if we never take a breather from our own concerns and move beyond the bounds of our oppressive egos, we lose. We make our worlds smaller. We suffer the burden of a narrow perspective. 

Alain’s insightful letter on the relationship between progress and empathy comes to mind. He says that the businesses of the future are built up on tremors of inner thrill and distress. Tremors that haven’t made it into language, that aren’t in circulation, but that if one attends to them, can lead to amazingly true and lucrative things. 

That’s empathy. Noticing the little things that give us another window into the experience of living. 

And that’s where progress is born. We change our world when we acknowledge on another’s presence in it. 

Perhaps it’s time to get out of our own movie and tune in to someone else.


When you liberate yourself from the small world of ego, what might be possible for you?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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