Leave people with a little step forward toward their dream

I have a friend whose unique talent is his ability to give acknowledgment. 

To make you feel seen and heard and capable and empowered to become what you never thought you could be. 

Part of that gift, of course, is his quiet, calm voice. He doesn’t have an angry bone in his body. And so, when he sits down with you and whispers words of encouragement, gently pointing out questions and ideas and alternative pathways to life’s problems, you can’t help but feel better about your situation. 

Then, at the end of our conversations, he also makes a practice of saying the following mantra:

I’d love to acknowledge you before I go. 

At which point, he mentions something that leaves you with a little step forward toward your dream. 

It’s a beautiful exchange. In fact, he’s even in the process of building software to help companies operationalize acknowledgement within their organizations. 

After all, having a way with people is a lost art. Things like warmth, encouragement, bravery, empathy and initiative, these are the intangible arrows in our emotional quiver. And they’re priceless. 

Even though our business culture has conditioned itself to value the calculable, if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense, as the song goes, still, it’s the unquantifiable component of the human repertoire that has the biggest impact on the people around us. 


Are you famous for the people who love you or the way that you love them?


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