Landing in a place suitable for growth

Plants have fascinating methods for moving their seeds. 

Wind dispersal is my personal favorite. Because it’s rooted in acceptance and faith and surrender. 

The seeds are released and blown about and land in all different kinds of places. And to help their chances of landing in a place suitable for growth, plants have to produce lots and lots of them. 

But there’s no guarantee. All the plants can do is trust the elements to do their work. 

It’s a simple, natural and beautiful process. Thoreau actually wrote an entire book about this phenomenon, and how the ecological succession of plant species through seed dispersal was a metaphor for life. 

Henry wrote:

“To understand a seed was to understand more than a forest or any plant, but to deeply comprehend the world and understand how you came into this garden we are commanded to keep and renourish by our commitment to the seeds we seek to plant and nourish.”

Here’s a workplace example most of us can relate to. 

Delegation. It’s the productivity secret everyone knows, but few people implement. Why? 

Because it requires acceptance and faith and surrender. The tasks we release into the corporate wild are like the seeds of the dandelion. 

There’s no control, only trust that they will land in a place suitable for growth


What emotional barriers are keeping you from delegating?

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