It’s not about good or bad, it’s about what gives us energy

For decades, management gurus have been preaching to the masses about enhancing strengths, rather than correcting eliminating weaknesses. 

Which is a solid approach to activating human potential, but only if we understand the difference is between the two. 

A strength, for example, isn’t necessarily something we’re good at. Because it’s not about a good or bad. It’s about what gives us energy. 

Similarly, a weakness isn’t necessarily something we’re bad at, it’s just something that drains the life out of us. 

Take community management. Movement starting. Creating a tribe and leveraging that energy to make real change in the world. It’s a strategy that’s been scientifically proven to work for brands, businesses and organizations. 

But only if that’s your strength. Only if you get energy from building a tribe. Otherwise it’s just another shiny object. 

I’ve attempted to build community around my business on a number of occasions, but every time I try, the energy drains out of me faster than water out of a busted dam. It’s deeply frustrating. Because even though I’m an extrovert, and even though there’s a part of me that wishes community management was as strength, trying to coordinate a meetup with seven complete strangers, half of whom aren’t even going to show up anyway, makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall. 

That’s just not who I am. I was born to be an expresser, not a connector. I was born to be an example, not an organizer. 

The point is, strengths and weaknesses are important traits to understand. But what’s more important is arranging your work to coincide with your energy style. To invest your time in experiences that focus your whole being in a harmonious rush of vitality. 

Otherwise you’re going to deplete yourself getting something that is worthless. 


Will this new project add to your life force or rob you of my energy?


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