It’s hard to hear the voice of change

I thrive on ritual and routine and structure and
organization and decisiveness and commitment. 

That’s how my personality orients
itself to the external world. Through constants and practices that reinforce my
sense of control over myself and my environment. 

Even in the smallest degrees
and most innocuous moments, I will find a way to intentionally design and
manage the user interface of my daily existence, bringing a measure of
coherence back to my life. 

The challenge with this particular personality is,
it makes it hard for me to hear the voice of change. Because I have a strong
will that insulates me against external influence. My sense of individualistic
defiance is off the charts. 

Which means, every choice I make must be an
expression of my own identity. True change only happens when it’s my idea. 

I’m reminded of something a friend of mine once said:

I get tired of hearing that people never change. People only change, that’s all they do. Sure, there are patterns and
repeat offenders. There are routines and rituals. These are hard to break and
sometimes we don’t need to. But we are still creatures for the most part who
have a choice. These little choices add up and throw a bigger decision your
way. Keep going, or do something about it? 

Josh is right. Just because humans are
build without an easy way to change, doesn’t mean we can’t embrace it. Hell,
every single cell in our skeleton is replaced every seven years. There’s no
reason to lose hope about real change being possible. 

And so, whatever your
personality is, don’t limit how your growth can happen. Yes, it’s hard to
change what you feel so safe with. But even the most disturbing or unexpected
or minor experiences can lead us in the direction of positive change. Even the
smallest events or situations can be metabolized into breakthroughs in thinking
and action. 

We just have to be willing to take in all of the available healing
energy of the world around us. 

To be open to help that arrives in forms we’re
not crazy about. 

To search for as many diverse sources of support as we can,
walking as many paths that lead to change as we can. 

To commit to looking for
new and interesting ways to transform. 

And to trust that although the seeds of
change grow slowly, and although we rarely underestimate just how long change
takes, the waiting part is necessary and important. 

Your healers will come when
you need them. 


What makes it hard for you to hear the voice of change?


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