It seemed too simple, so we didn’t do it

Each day presents us the chance to overthink things. 

To misuse the power of our minds to intellectualize simple matters into a mess. And to exaggerate even the smallest tasks, making our lives far more complicated than necessary. 

The only problem is, our ego loves this. Over thinking is like an aphrodisiac for the psyche. And so, it warns us that if something is not complex, it can’t possibly be serious enough to use. It tells us that it’s interesting for other people to be around somebody so complicated. And it convinces that if we don’t convert our goals into convoluted miniature business plans, we’ll never accomplish them. 

Sadly, none of this is truly action. It is resistance. It is the opposite of doing. And until we find trusted people in our lives to call us on our bullshit, we will continue to overthink our dreams into the ground. 

A therapist friend of mine is a stickler for this habit. Whenever he sees clients and even friends complicating the purity of their work, he says three words with fierce compassion. 

Keep it clean. 

Meaning, share your goals in a way that is not ornate, but gracefully spare. Forceful and simple. Trim and streamlined. 

He also encourages people to ask themselves one simple question throughout their days. 

Will this course of action simplify or complicate my life? 

Most of the time, the answer is the latter. Which means we can let it go. 

Remember, complexity is attractive because it feels like progress. 

But that doesn’t make it effective. Keep it clean. 


What will be possible once you stop trying to figure out life and intellectualize everything?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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