It didn’t get published, but it’s still part of the process

The auditioning process can be an exercise in humiliation. 

Sitting in a cold waiting room with seventeen people who look exactly like you, overhearing demoralizing conversations between casting directors and network executives, panicking over making your looks and lines perfect, running scenes with idiot readers who have the emotional range of a teaspoon, driving home with a migraine and then binge eating ice cream until you hate yourself…

It’s not the vision of show business most actors have. 

On the other hand, going to auditions doesn’t have to be another chance to get rejected. It could also be a moment to act. An opportunity to perform your art and practice your craft in front of a captive audience. A chance to start doing the job before you’re even hired. It depends on your intention. 

Patterson is the bestselling novelist in the history of modern fiction. But before he had two hundred and thirty million copies under his belt, he regularly submitted short stories to literary magazines. 

And every one of them was rejected. Hundreds of pieces that he poured his heart into, thrown back in his face. 

James, however, maintained a healthy mindset about the journey. He told the students in his masterclass, it didn’t get published, but still part of the process. 

That’s good advice for any profession. Because eighty percent of the time, whether you’re auditioning or interviewing or submitting or pitching, you’re probably not going to get the gig. You have zero control over that. 

But if it’s really your passion that you’re following, you’ll find enormous satisfaction and fulfillment from simply trying. You’ll attempt things because in the process of doing them, you’re guaranteeing that your life is a success as you define success. 

Being in the results business is highly overrated. 

Measure the work by your dedication to the path, not what you produce. 


Are you measuring the value of everything by the final product, or by the richness of the process?

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