Isn’t Amazing How Much Energy We Invest In Procrastination?

I’ve been doing yoga for five years.

It’s changed my life physically, socially, emotionally,
spiritually and mentally. I’ve met some of the coolest people in the world who
have become dear friends. And I’ve become a member of a global a community, a
center of belonging, unlike any other in the world.

And yet, I will find every excuse not to go to class.

I’m too tired. I’m too stressed. I’m not hydrated. I’m still
sore from yesterday. I don’t have any clean clothes. I didn’t eat breakfast. I haven’t
taken my morning dump yet. It’s raining outside. I have a lot going on today. I’m
not feeling especially flexible. And I think I pulled something last class. Plus I really
need a massage. Screw it, I’ll just go tomorrow. I have to catch up on sleep
anyway. And I should really wait until I buy a better outfit. Plus, it’s not
like I can afford more classes. And I’m too full from lunch. And I can’t stand
the Wednesday night teacher’s annoying voice. And I don’t want to deal with
traffic. It’s too nice outside. Besides, I hit the cheese plate too hard last
night and I’m afraid I’ll fart. I’ll just practice at home. I’d never make
there on time anyway. Look, I’ve already practiced three times this week. That’s
enough. I really just need some rest. I just got back in town last night. I
drank way too Diet Dr. Pepper on vacation. And I’m pretty sure I’m coming down
with something and don’t want to get anybody sick.

That’s what runs through my head.

The way I see it, if I can just pile the excuses high
enough, that should be enough to rationalize my way out of going to class. If I
can just outsmart myself to the point of inaction, I can skip yoga and spend
the rest of the day congratulating myself for making such a mature, rational
and thoughtful decision.

Isn’t amazing how much energy we invest in procrastination?
Isn’t amazing what lengths we will go to in order to avoid doing something we
don’t want to do?

In fact, we have a running joke at our studio:

The first posture is
getting there.

Forget touching your head to your knee. If you can overcome
all the mental garbage that stands in the way of walking through the door,
you’re already a winner.

In yoga, in life, in anything, motion organizes and creates
order. As my friend Ed says, it is by motion that all things tend to their
equilibrium and find their place in the universe. And unrelenting motion is
what helps conspire towards some unifying geometrical situation.

Which reminds me, I need to go hydrate.


What is your favorite way to procrastinate?


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