Inviting nature as our collaborator

Once we realize that we are not separate from nature, that it’s engaged in an ongoing process of creation, and that we’re part of it and not its lord, we can connect to the endless creative potential of the natural world. It’s simply a matter of designing systems and structures that invite nature as our collaborator. 

One natural force we can become highly attuned to is the power of timing. Seasons. Phases. Periods of our life in which certain themes and patterns and inclinations play out. Once we learn to recognize, appreciate and take advantage of those seasons, allowing their forces to become part of the way we automatically operate, we can create a more visceral and deliberate connection to our work. 

When I go on family vacations, for example, I rarely write as much as I normally do. But I accept that. Because that’s the season. And so, instead of fighting that current, instead of raging against the unjust fate of real life, I trust that season to give me a healthy sense of distance from my work. And I use the season as a golden opportunity to inhale. To enjoy being a person in the world. To allow the lungs of inspiration to color my perspective and inform my ideas. 

That way, there will be creative explosion waiting for me when I return to my routine. 


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