Into the vacuum my genius pours

Koontz writes in his book about seizing the night that each of us carry within us a divine spark, and if we choose to recognize it, our lives will have dignity, meaning and hope. 

But what we must remember is, recognizing is only the first step. 

Because if it’s true that each of us has a place within where we are eternally whole, where there is a gift so valuable that it cannot possibly be reciprocated, then the bulk of the work will be bringing it forth more broadly into the world. 

One of my jobs years ago was working as a copywriter at an ad agency. The pay was great, but the work was garbage. Our ultra conservative clients and their super boring projects didn’t accommodate my gifts or allow me to exercise my power. 

Which was fine. It was just a job. Learned a lot, met some cool people, saved a bit of money and most importantly, leveraged that position to get hired at a startup. 

A startup was perfect for someone like me. Because the company had built a platform to expose people’s capabilities. From day one, it was easy to give my beating heart as a gift to all. It was encouraged to be alive in all my parts and powers. There wasn’t a single part of the buffalo that went unharvested. The full portfolio of my skills was used to create value for tons of different things. And that brought meet a profound sense of fulfillment. 

Into the vacuum my genius pours. 

That is how we can bring our gifts more broadly into the world. The work is mental, but also environmental. 

Not only do we recognize the parts of ourselves where our greatest potential lives, but we also seek out the environments that support the pursuit of their realization. 

We go looking for places that become platforms for generosity and expression. 

All the while, flipping the middle finger to the army of people who ignored our potential in days past. 


Where might you find a home for all of your talents?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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