Increase your field of vision

The foot rarely takes the first step. 

It’s the mind that gets the ball of change rolling. 

And so, true transformation beings with the openness to the mere prospect of changing. The amenability to try something we’ve never tried before, lest we leave ourselves where we are. 

I resisted doing hypnotherapy for years. Anytime my doctor suggested it as a viable treatment for my chronic stomach pain, I felt the controlling instinct welling up inside of me. Because my preconception of hypnosis was that of quack doctors swinging pocket watches and rendering patients helpless and vulnerable and mind controlled until they started clucking like chickens. 

No thanks. 

But as my therapist said, that was my first hurdle on the journey to wellness. Overcoming my own stubbornness. Ending the convenient story I told myself rationalize my way out of changing. 

Whether or not I used hypnotherapy was irrelevant. The point was increasing my field of vision. The point was opening myself to a world of healing options. That’s the only way humans get better. 

Once I pushed through that initial resistance, it felt like I was halfway there. There was still much work to be done, but the ground taken wasn’t insignificant. The work of the brain paved the way for the work of the body. 

The point is, you can’t take yourself where you don’t want to go. And so, whatever change you’re trying to make, start by making mental room for that change first. Increase your field of vision and give yourself permission to enjoy the view. 

You might see something beautiful. 


What are the mental obstacles standing in the way of your next transformation?


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