In our past are many diamonds covered in mud

I was doing some research on corporate culture when I came came across an archive of old employee feedback forms. 

One alumni team member offered future applicants the following warning. 

Consider this job your basic training for the cruel, darkest side of the industry. It’s creatively crushing. Don’t expect your good ideas to go very far. In fact, expect a lot of bad ideas to pass for the everyday standard. But the upside is, if you survive, you will adorn this thick skin forever, learn to appreciate a good place when you see it, and learn to recognize a bad place when you see it. 

It sounds like a brutal, disillusioning and stressful work experience. But then again, the person who wrote the review clearly came out stronger on the other side. 

And maybe that’s the point. Because the search for understanding is never over. Each of us must seek access to experiences that grant us a different angle, give us a completely new sense of how the world works and eliminate the burden of our narrow perspective. 

Otherwise, what else are we doing here? Life is supposed to be one long never ending game of naiveté reduction. 

And so, when we look back at the shitty jobs and toxic relationships and mental low points of our lives, let us reaffirm even the faintest glimmer of optimism in our failing spirit. Because in our past are many diamonds covered in mud. 


What pain are you currently suffering that will be worth it to bring you to a new awareness?

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Scott Ginsberg

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