I’m not finished participating in wonder

Here’s what I’m searching for in life. 

Moments when I suddenly know a different sense of living. Experiences when everything I thought I knew about my life comes to an end. When all my little rules go out the window. Milestones when I awake to a new sense of a responsibility, feel a fresh sense of energy flowing through me and start walking down a path toward a better way of being in the world.  Because a brighter future is mine to write. 

Of course, these moments can’t happen every day. Or every month. Or even every year. Nor should they. 

But we all need things to be awed by. It’s an existential imperative. 

In fact, when I think back to the handful of those moments that changed me forever, man, it felt so good to feel that way about something. What’s more, the knowledge that nobody could take those moments away from me, felt even better. 

That’s why I champion the practice and the discipline to see the world with wide open wonder. I try to challenge myself to resist the intellectual temptation to stick a pin in every moment and consciously drain it of its power to affect me. 

Because I don’t ever want to be finished participating in wonder. I don’t ever want to interact with the world in a way that reduces my chances of experiencing meaning, taking the magic and mystery and potency out of life. 

I just want to keep exploring mysterious desert islands of wonder. Trusting that eventually, maybe every few years or so, one of those moments will sneak under the door. 

Einstein was right. Whomever can no longer wonder and marvel is as good as dead.


Are you looking at the stars with the wonder they deserve?  


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