If Loving Email Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Most of the time, email is everyone else’s agenda for our

It’s the digital fidget we sit around waiting to react to,
the easiest way to preserve the illusion of productivity and the constant
distraction that prevents us from executing what matters most.

Then again, I’ve received emails that changed my perspective
forever, like the man who commented how my entire career came from something in
a trashcan. I’ve gotten emails that sparked product ideas and turned into real
money, like the feedback from readers who asked me to publish digital books.
And I’ll never forget the emails that lifted me out of the paralysis of
inconsequentiality, like the woman who finally got the nerve to quit her job
after hearing an embarrassing story from one of my presentations.

Like most things in life, it all comes down to choice.

The point is, email doesn’t have to be a beast to tame, not if
we don’t want it to. Instead of whining about how overwhelming our inbox is, the
alternative is to guiltlessly delete the irrelevant, quickly respond to the
important, thankfully read the inspiring, and quietly get on with our lives.



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