I know what I like, and I let myself have all of it

Improv comedy is about saying yes to others, but also saying yes to yourself. 

Owning your choices and following your feelings and engaging with whatever arouses you and not backing away in shame and guilt just because you let yourself love something. 

That’s what makes you a good scene partner with yourself, so to speak. Instead of denying, you respect and listen and notice and treat each of your own choices as if they were written in a script and were perfect. 

Instead of running portions of your identity underground, you allow the arousal of your full constellation of desires, doing what’s right for yourself based on our chosen integrity and values. 

I’m reminded of a song lyric that always gets stuck in my head. 

All love is saying yes to something. 

It applies to relationships, but it also applies to the challenging process of loving yourself. 

Because it’s about being fundamentally affirmative towards your own dreams. Getting on board at a moment’s notice. Refusing to meet your needs with a tilted head. And giving yourself permission to be all of your many selves. 

These are the characteristics of the most supportive internal environment possible. And whether you’re standing on stage at the improv theater, or just trying to make it through the day without beating the living shit out of yourself, they’re worth remembering. 


Do you know what you like and let yourself have all of it?


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