I find something new every time I’m with you

Coltrane’s band was famous for playing the same songs in the second set as they played in the first one, just to see if they could find something they didn’t find earlier in the evening. 

They always did. They never stepped in the same musical river twice. That’s the beauty of jazz. If you do it right, redundancy becomes a mathematical impossibility. 

What’s interesting is, the same rule can apply to our relationships. If we impose a standing order of curiosity and discovery and growth, practicing the discipline of seeing things with wide open wonder, we make it easy find something new every time we’re with each other. 

It’s all about surprise. Neuroscientists have actually conducted mountains of research on this very issue, proving that the human brain hates boredom and loves surprises. In fact, regardless of whether or not people say they like surprises, typically, life’s unexpected pleasures are more rewarding than expected ones. 

That’s all surprise is. It’s the emotion we feel when we encounter the unexpected. And if we commit to seeking what is fresh, spontaneous and interesting in the same place we looked for it yesterday, nothing can strip us of myriad opportunities for wonder. 

Every new season becomes an opportunity to grow closer to each other; to learn to understand one another’s evolving needs as the years go by. And that’s a really courageous form of interpersonal growth. 

Still hoping for fresh wind. Still weaving a tapestry of pure joy and beauty. Still wanting to get lost in a private world of our own personal delight and awe. 


How many of your relationships have enough uncertainty to make life sizzle and renew your sense of wonder?


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