Helping yourself find the next right action

Just decide. 

Before your procrastinatory urges kick in. Before your brain has a chance to protest. And before you decide to delay until you spend a few more hours researching. 

Just decide. 

As my yoga teacher friend says:

The right path is the one you take, the right decision is the one that you make. 

Have faith in the process. Do whatever you have to do to break through your ambivalence and make a true commitment to action. 

Then, trust that taking the first small step will lead to the next. Believe that taking a risk will spike your blood with a rewarding sense of true aliveness. And know that the feeling of joy in your accomplishment will encourage you to go further. 

Your hesitation is understandable. Every decision carries with it an element of danger and loneliness. That’s why you’re so terrified of committing. It’s the death of other options. It’s the declaration of what you want. 

Not to mention, once you’ve made your bed, now you must lie in it. Commitment is more than just choosing, it’s bravely dealing with the consequences of your choices. 

And so, it’s not so much what decisions you make, it’s how intentional you about making them. 

Because nothing comes out perfectly. Not in the hands of humans. 

The secret is accepting the fact that there are mistakes that you can make and that you can’t undo. 


Are you more worried about making the right decision, or about making a decision and then making it right?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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