Hear Scott’s New Album, “Days To Bloom”

There is an interesting term that gardeners use for how long it takes a particular plant to go from germination to flowering. 

It’s called days to bloom. 

Most seed packets will include the expected number on the package itself, so we can plan appropriately. 

But nature is a fickle and fleeting mistress. Maturity value, like any prediction, is never perfectly defined. Days to bloom depends on several factors, many of which are outside of human control. 

There is the type of plant itself, like annuals, perennials, vines or edibles. There are the ecological conditions, like water level, seasonality, temperature and soil. And let’s not forget our furry and buggy friends who like to munch on our plants before we even get a chance to harvest them. 

The point is, regardless of how badly and how quickly we want something to grow, nature can’t be rushed. We must learn to be patient with the unique blooming of each organism, according to its instinctive agenda. 

This concept not only applies to ecological concerns, but also to human connection. Because relationships are living, breathing organisms too. And they too, bloom at their own speed. 

After all, people are complicated organisms who are embedded in complex social, cultural and political contexts, resting at the nexus of a vast number of interwoven causes and conditions that influence their behavior. 

No two individuals have the same maturity value. 

And so, at the beginning stages of our new relationships, let us be patient with the speed of each other’s growth. Let us not rush and hurry and overwater, begging the rose to unfold faster. 

Because humans are primed for immediate gratification, and if we don’t have to be patient, we won’t.

But as the famous biologist reminded us, the universe is sustained by a continual and infinitely patient act of love. 

P.S. My new album is out, it’s called Days To Bloom.


What’s your rush? 

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Scott Ginsberg

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