Gripped by a mad delusion of invincibility

When you’re a workaholic, somehow all the warnings in the world don’t quite convince us that it’s time to stop. 

Here’s the lie we love to tell ourselves. 

There’s nothing wrong with putting in consecutive fourteen hour days if we love the work and it feels like a calling and we’re making a meaningful difference in the world, right? 

May as well just keep pushing until our body gives out and forces us to rest and take care of it. 

Then we can stop. Then we can take some much needed time off and make a contribute to our own life. 

If that’s the case, we’re most likely running on the steam of a delusion. Convincing ourselves that our noble compulsions are serving something other than our own ego. 

It reminds me of something my yoga instructor once said in regards to dehydration:

Don’t try to be a soldier when your body needs you to be saint. 

Listen to your body, not your ego. 

Our daily practice, then, is to always allow unscheduled time for unexpected self care. Instead deluded ourselves into thinking that another time will be different, we honor our body’s promptings in the moment.

We listen to what it needs, regardless of what our ego wants. In short, we have to stop trying to impress ourselves all the time. 

Life is not a performance. There is no studio audience. 

There are no panel judges with numbered signs. 


Are you still gripped by a mad delusion of invincibility?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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