Greatness by choice, gravity by chance

Becker’s book on the birth and death of meaning claims that very few of us ever find our authentic talent. Usually it is found for us, he writes, as we stumble into a way of life that society rewards us for, entering into an existing hero system in which we find the expression of our unique gifts. 

But not everybody labors vain. Not everybody becomes dissatisfied with the exact use that the world makes of their ambitions. Because certain people recognize that most talent has more than one way of displaying itself. 

I’m reminded of the best concert film I ever saw. Mayer featured three separate live performances. The first was a solo acoustic set, the second was a stripped down blues trio, and the final show was his full touring band, stacked with a horn section, background singers and dueling lead guitars. 

John explained the purpose of the film was to show his fans three incarnations of his talent. Introspective acoustic artist, rocking power trio guitarist and hit producing singer songwriter. 

And yet, it’s all the same person. It’s a showcase of the musician’s diverse and multi directional activities. Most importantly, it’s intentional. John takes responsibility for his talent, instead of waiting for society to reward him for it. He manifests his desires in all the ways available to him, and as a result, blows fans away, earns raves reviews, sells millions of copies and even wins a grammy for the title track of the film. 

As the song goes, gravity is working against me, gravity wants to bring me down, so just keep me where the light is, keep me where the light is. 


How will you extend your talent horizon up to the highest level?


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