Gratitude turns what we have into enough

It’s easy to forget that doing what you love is a luxury, not a usual way of life. 

Because for the majority of the world, the odds of securing the perfect job in the field of their choosing that exceeds even their wildest expectations and that satisfies every single one of their career criteria while paying a salary commensurate with what they feel they deserve, are profoundly low. 

And that’s a difficult reality to comprehend when following your bliss is all you know. Especially when most people’s work life is basically a collection of unpleasant necessities that do not feed the human spirit, punctuated by occasional moments of fleeting delight. 

All the more reason to make gratitude a daily practice. Because if you’re one of the lucky individuals who not only gets to dream their dream, but also gets live that dream too, not a single day should go by without a profound sense of appreciation for that opportunity. 

It’s such a gift, you can’t even imagine. And the quickest way to have it yanked out from under your fingertips is by becoming complacent and acting like you deserve it. 

It’s mostly luck. And genetics. And good timing. And geography. Considering half the planet lives on less than three dollars a day, I’d say doing what you love is about as luxurious as a human can get. 


Are you unhappy because you really don’t have what you need, or because you just want more?


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