Giant rocks hundreds of thousands of miles away

Kaleidoscopes are magical objects. 

For five dollars, you can look through a plastic cylinder that contains a few mirrors and a dozen loose, colored objects, and witness beauty right before your eyes. 

In fact, the inventor of the kaleidoscope named it that because the word literally means the observation of beautiful forms. 

The only limitation, though, is that when you look into a kaleidoscope, you only see what’s inside of it. There’s zero perspective beyond your own line of sight. 

A telescope, on the other hand, allows you to see everything outside of it. For thousands of dollars, you can look into an big, clunky instrument that contains two convex lenses that bend the light to make things look like they’re closer than they appear. 

It may not be as cool and colorful and accessible as the kaleidoscope, but then again, you can see the moon. 

That’s why the inventor of the telescope named it that. The word literally means to see far. 

And so, here’s the question worth asking. 

Which instrument are you looking through most often? The cheap, sexy one that allows you to see beautiful things only within your own sphere? Or the expensive, clunky one that allows you see giant rocks hundreds of thousands of miles away? 

It all depends of what kind of vision you have, how much you’re willing to invest in seeing, and how welcoming you the ideas that are light years beyond your own bubble. 


Are you kaleidoscopically forcing others to live by the lights of your worldview, or telescopically tearing yourself away from the safe harbor of conceptual certainty?


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