From individual to oppositional

When you’re genetically predisposed to asset your individuality, born with a deep desire to actualize your potential, you can’t help but want to follow your own path. You can’t help but aim yourself in the direction of your own creation, doing work that allows you to be as smart as you are. 

After all, those values make you feel fully alive when you honor them. It’s who you are. It’s how you create meaning in the world. 

The challenge is, that predisposition puts you at odds with conventionality. And if you’re not careful, you can go from being an individual to being oppositional. You can fall down the rabbit hole of your own romantic, nonconformist, artistic mythology, making you an insufferable pain in the ass to be around. 

What good is being an innovative thinker when everyone you encounter feels chronically overwhelmed by your unconventional nature? What good is being passionate and driven and committed when you’re always exhausting to be around? What good is being an iconoclast when you bring so much outsider energy to your social interactions that you alienate normal people? 

There must be a balance. Creativity, after all, is meant to be a bridge, not a wall. 

And so, always recognize that part of your work as a creator is understanding and coping with the psychological demands of your chosen profession.


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