Forgiveness begins with an ounce of willingness

Arendt’s celebrating and thought provoking book on the human condition reminds us that our capacity to forgive creates the ground for lasting relationships with others. 

But to do so, it all depends on how much empathy we have. Only when we start imagining ourselves in another place, does forgiveness follow. Only when we experience people as real human beings with needs and desires and a unique point of view, can we finally release them from what they have done unknowingly. 

The question is, is your forgiveness expressed, or merely implied? 

Because in many cases, it’s not enough to simply say that words. 

A helpful practice is to add the words for and because to our expressions of forgiveness. 

I forgive you for missing my party because I love you and know how stressed you’ve been lately. 

I forgive you for breaking my favorite mug because accidents happen and in the grand scheme of life, it’s not really that important. 

I forgive you for lying to me because I’m sure I’ve hurt you too in more ways than I realize. 

Remember, forgiving begins with an ounce of willingness. It’s the choice we make. 

Not to be the keeper of the black book of transgressions, but to be a loving human who is free with their kindness towards others. 


Whom have you still not forgiven?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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