Forever severing myself from the normal world

It’s amazing how much we physically have to do to feel normal. 

It’s like a second job. 

From exercise to meditation to journaling to positive affirmation, all of this staying grounded, feeling okay and practicing mindfulness is surprisingly labor intensive. 

Who knew that living in peace required us to exert almost as much effort as to govern the world? Who knew that we would actually need time to recover from the exhausting goddamn experience of being a human? 

Apparently in the race of life, just getting to the starting line is an effort. 

But as my grandpa loves to say, the first hundred years are always the hardest. 

And so, resentment isn’t the answer. Getting pissed at people for whom normality appears to be effortless won’t help. And burdening ourselves with a deep sense of shame about the ways in which we are not normal doesn’t move our story forward. 

Each of us is constantly readjusting our ideas of what is normal and possible in the world anyway. It’s a moving target if there ever was one. 

Keen’s book on authentic masculinity reminds us that the disillusioning awareness that what we have agreed to call normal is a façade covering a great deal of alienation. 

Maisel’s book on the future of mental health assures us that normal and abnormal are opinion words that have multiple meanings and countless usages that are typically regularly employed to persuade and manipulate. 

Let those words give us peace. 

Because, yes, being normal is more work for some than it is for others. 

That’s okay. We can’t bemoan that reality any more than we can beg the rose to unfold faster. 


What if there is no magic day when you will feel normal?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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