Foolish enough to put our whole heart on show

To publish is to make something publicly known. 

It is a privilege, a responsibility an act of courage, an expression of vulnerability and a formidable business strategy. 

But when we are young, new and scared, publishing can also be a highly intimidating prospect. It can feel like hanging our balls out the window. 

No wonder our procrastinatory urges kick in and prevent us from executing. 

In my early years of composing and performing original music, sharing my thoughts, ideas, feelings and options with the world did not come as easy as it does today. Not solely out of an abundance of fear, but out of an absence of practice. A lack of reps. Not enough accumulated experience putting my whole heart on show and revealing my feelings to the crowd below. 

Thankfully, a journalist friend of mine gave me a brilliant idea. She suggested to start publishing anonymously. Doing so would dissociate my ego from the process, allow me to fail quickly, quietly and cheaply, give me to freedom to share myself without repercussions, and grow my confidence until the time finally came to publish under my real name. 

She was right. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Fast forward to a year later, and my confidence started to reach a critical mass. The time had come to graduate from the minors and move up to the big show. And there was no looking back. That was nearly twenty years ago.

Lesson learned, anytime we are scared of putting ourselves out there, we can always execute within a circle of safety and privacy first. 

Doing so allows for the creation of our portfolio of experiments. And over time, our accrued safety in that established base will makes it easier for us to take risks in the future. 


Do you have access to a safe forum in which your tender feelings can be aired, purged and understood without risk of humiliation?

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Scott Ginsberg

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