Flooded by a joy that refuses time or terror

Rumi said that is not our task to seek love, but to seek
and find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it. 

The path is reverse engineered. That which we seek is discovered, rather
than created, through a process of elimination. 

For example, if we take all of
the shameful and noxious parts of ourselves and stuff them in a bag and decide
that they’re not lovable, then we’re absolutely right. We’re not. 

But if we
believe that we’re blessed by the ability to receive love through many
channels, despite our liabilities, then the barriers within ourselves will
begin to melt away. Because we’re practicing receptivity to multiple loving

Similarly, if we want to ratchet up the level of joy in our lives, the
first step is subtracting useless unproductive misery. 

Menlo’s inspiring founder comes to mind. Sheridan’s
approach to creating a culture of joy is highly environmental. His team works
in one big open room with no walls or offices or cubicles. Even the president
sits out in the general population with everyone else. And if an employee needs
to have a company wide meeting, they simply call out. 

Then, the entire teams
calls back in unison, and the whole office falls dead silent. At that moment,
they’re in an all company meeting. Nobody moves. The person makes whatever
announcement or asks whatever question they want, thanks the team, and everyone
gets back to work. 

Sheridan reports that these meetings can occur in sixty
seconds or less, even if there are fifty people in the room. After all, his
employees hate the traditional kind of meetings that require email chains,
calendar invites, room booking and ambiguous agendas. 

And so, they eliminated
them. The found the barriers within the organization that were built against
joy, and melted them away. 


How could your team discover joy by subtracting useless unproductive misery?* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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