First comes satisfaction, second comes terror

There’s nothing more satisfying than
beholding your first product. It’s a moment of profound accomplishment. 

When I received the sample case of the first book I ever wrote,
I sat on my doorstep and smelled it for five minutes. Pure intoxication. A
year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears had finally paid off. 

that moment was followed by pure terror. Because it occurred to me that
developing, testing and manufacturing a product, that was the easy part. Now I actually had to sell
the damn thing. Great. 

That’s the nature of being an entrepreneur. The word
literally means to undertake risk. We create a product and announce to
ourselves, well, here goes nothing. This might not work. And if it doesn’t, we
don’t let that stop us from moving forward. 

Hell, I’ve written and published
books that flew so far under the radar, they may as well have been underground.

But as much as it hurt my feelings, I didn’t burn my energy away speculating
how things might have been different. I reframed. I asked myself leverage

Now that I
have this, what else doss this make possible? What larger service is this
product an expensive business card for? 

I owe my life to those questions. They
changed my definition of what a book could be. They turned my storage locker
full of orphan products into a portable sales force that paved the way for
higher dollar projects. And they taught me not every product is a product,
sometimes it’s just a gateway drug to something more profitable. 


How do you reframe and reconcile the risks that don’t work?


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