Finding a way to say that life has just begun

Emmon’s book about the chemistry of joy tells us that denial is the default
mechanism, the one that’s always available even when others fail. 
It’s like a
fog always waiting to descend whenever we feel the need to obscure the painful
reality before us. 

And yet, as much as denial can help us avoid discomfort,
let’s not be in denial about denial. It may feel comforting, but it’s not
evolutionarily advantageous. It may buy us some time, but it’s not a useful
survival mechanism. 

Despite our good intentions, no matter what the
circumstance is, denial is not going to come to our rescue. Not knowing isn’t
this magic amulet that is going to prevent an event from happening. 

It’s just a
way of participating in our own victimization. It’s laziness. It’s refusing to
enter into the darkness and do the grief work around that which we are losing. 

And so, perhaps it’s a good time to beat ourselves with the practicality stick.
To step back and do the math, so to speak, on the patterns and signs and events
the world has been offering to us. 

Honestly asking ourselves:

it really
 look like there is any stopping this train? Are all
the arrows pointing to the same thing? And if so, what concrete things can we
do, right now, to keep moving the story forward? 

Obama once said that opposite
of denial is hope, and the antidote to it is action. 

That’s where we should
focus our energy. Instead of chopping off all our connections with reality, we
get to work manifesting our desires in all the ways available to us. 


What horizon are you pretending not to see?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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