Facts are to be faced, not fought

It’s tempting to expect existence to obey our wishes. 

To demand that the universe fulfill its obligation to make us happy. And to feel deserving of a world that reliably conforms to our wishes and desires. 

But in this naïve prioritizing of I wish above it is, we only set ourselves up for disappointment, disillusion and resentment. And we rob ourselves of any chance to establish a healthy relationship with reality. 

On the other hand, once we stop approaching things as barriers to success and start embracing them as facts of life, we’re free. Once we stop trying to escape things and start transforming them into our constant and instructive companions accompanying our many adventures, we’re free. 

Because it means we’re accepting reality on reality’s terms. It means we’re choosing to walk through the world from position of power and choice and energy and action, as opposed to pain and paralysis and apathy and helplessness. 

It’s such a liberating moment. The mere thought that we no longer have to work so hard on eradicating everything we don’t like from our life, wow, it feels like a boulder off our shoulder. 


What are you not doing in your life, that you could be doing, that you are blaming somebody else for not doing for you?


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