Everything is designed to give us a stronger base

I try to focus on executing good process, whether or not I achieve good outcomes. Because process is something I can control. Outcomes are not. I’ve been burned enough times to know that the more I hang my sense of achievement onto a flimsy foundation, the more likely I am to be disappointed when it topples. 

Process orientation, then, becomes a form of creative insurance. It’s a way of protecting myself against the inevitable disappointments and fluctuations of the work. Because in the end, process is something nobody can take away from me. I own that. Even if the outcome does fade into the shadows, the person I became and the insights I gained and the experiences I collected are mine forever, minus zero, no limit. 

That’s why I’m so adamant about documenting everything I learn behind everything I make. The act of writing down the moments of my history lets me own them. Writing assures the events belong to me rather than me belonging to them. 

While I was filming my music documentary, I made thousands of notes filled with insights and perspectives and lessons learned in the process. In fact, by the time the movie was finally finished, I had already written my next three books. 

That’s the beauty of process. We can always use it to our advantage. Each journey can be a vehicle for answering questions about ourselves, adding value to ourselves and creating art for ourselves. Everything is designed to give us a stronger base. 


What’s your system for learning from every process, regardless of the outcome?


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