Everything else is a side effect

The ability to
discern between the intentional and the incidental is crucial to success. 

Because in any endeavor, there are always two components at work. There’s the
target, which is the intentional part; and then there’s the reward for hitting
the target, which is the incidental part. 

Let’s use the example of an

Her intentional target is to create a product that solves a real,
urgent, expensive and pervasive problem. Got it. Which means, her reward for
hitting that target, say, earning millions of dollars from a legion of loyal
customers, that’s the incidental part. That’s what she gets for doing the first
part right. 

Intentional target, incidental reward. Make sense? 

This dichotomy
changed my life. Once I began to filter all of my endeavors and projects and
dreams through this dichotomy of intentional versus incidental, my stress level
went down, my happiness average went up, and my depth of perspective
transformed. Because I finally accepted that there’s only one component under
my control. 

The target. The intentional. The starting line. 

And so, that’s
where I started investing all my energy and time and money and focus.
Everything else that happened was a side effect. A byproduct. An aftershock.
Always unpredictable and never guaranteed.  


How quickly are you able to discern between the intentional and the incidental?


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