Everybody loves rookies, but sophomores always get the short straw

In academics, the term sophomore slump refers to the apathy of students whose second effort fails to live up to the standards of their first. 

In sports, the term refers to athletes who have a mediocre second season following a stellar debut.

In music, it’s the jinx and jitters bands get when they release their second album and it’s not popular as the first. 

In construction, it refers to the architect who dangerously incorporates all of the additions he originally did not add to the first system due to inherent time constraints. 

In psychology, it refers to any earlier success that has a reducing effect on the subsequent attempt.

In statistics, the term refers to an number’s regression towards the mean. 

Proving, that everybody loves a rookies, but sophomores always get the short straw. 

The good new is, there’s a different way to view the power of two. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a slump. Not if you’re playing the long arc game. Not if you keep getting better. And not if you show the world that you’re not going away. 

The reality is, anybody can score once. But only after you’ve shipped your second project do things really start to gain momentum. 

Because now there are two dots. Which means there’s a line. Which means there’s a trajectory that people can follow. And that proves you’re not just another flash in the pan. 

A creative moment is part of a longer creative process, which in turn is part of a creative life. And so, take your little moments of empowerment wherever you can find them. Focus on getting the first two projects out the door. Keep adding energy to the system, keep moving the story forward, and hold on for dear life. 

Because in due time, you won’t be a sophomore anymore. 


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