Every age has a battle to be happy

The thing about advertising is, it works. It’s always worked. 

Not because it makes people buy a product right away, but because it embeds subtle impressions that will drive sales later. 

Advertising is patient like that. And after years of hammering remorsefully into our brains, the clouds of metaphor and mythology and connotation hypnotize us into a buying frame of mind, ultimately creating an overwhelming sense of urgency that we are one purchase away from happiness. 

That’s the story every advertisement is telling, whether explicit or not. 

Excuse me. I think you’re forgetting. You have this problem, and it hasn’t gone away. And if you want to make it go away, you need to call me. 

There’s no stopping it. There’s no avoiding it. No matter how quickly we fast forward through the commercials, and no matter how hard we try to scrub our lives clean of it, as long as there are products, there will be advertisers to sell them to us. 

The challenge, then, is rewriting our personal equation for happiness. Using new variables and constants to fill our inner yawning voids. 

Happiness, after all, is attributable to intentional activity. It stems from what people do for themselves. 

I was having an especially unhappy day recently. And by the afternoon, I had become so disgusted with my own attitude, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I sat down on the subway, turned on my favorite album, pulled out my notepad and started writing a gratitude list. 

It’s the oldest trick in the book. And it works. Because after fifteen minutes of giving thanks for all of the amazing people and experiences and opportunities and feelings in my life, the verdict was out. I had saturated my consciousness with irrefutable evidence that I had every reason in the world to be happy. 

Next time you feel like one purchase away from happiness, take a few minutes to delight in what’s wonderful about your life. Stop and give yourself care and comfort and see what happens.

Might save you some money, too.


Are you overlooking the authentic bliss you create for yourself in the process of simply trying to be happy on your own terms?


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