Ever hungry for a morsel of this most precious food

I once came
across a job application for a marketing position whose headline stated the

If you’re thirsty for blood and hungry for a chance to prove
yourself, you could be the one we’re looking for. 

Notice the absence of
traditional job application language like talent and experience and multiple
references and bachelor’s degree and impeccable attention to detail and must be
highly organized and be able to handle multiple projects at once. 

That’s all
pedestrian. It’s the price of admission. 

When it comes to getting the job, the
difference is hunger. It’s who wants it more. Period. 

Everything else can be
learned, outsourced, delegated or deleted. 

In fact, replace the phrasegetting the jobwith whatever thing
you’re trying to chase. Because the same principle applies. You have to
demonstrate your hunger. You have to be as convincing as you are

I’m reminded of the insanestoryabout the
autoworker who couldn’t afford a car and lived in limited bus service part of
town. And so, he started walking twenty miles a day, round trip, to his job at
the factory. Five days a week. Often times through the snow. And always through
poverty stricken, dangerous neighborhoods. Total commute time is eight hours a

Strangely enough, the man has a perfect attendance record at work. 

That’s hunger. Think his boss at the factory plans on firing him anytime soon?
Think his coworkers aren’t ecstatic to see him walk through the door every
morning? The guy is so hungry that he would eat the ass out of a low flying

But here’s the best part. Once this man’s story got out, some teenager
built a crowdfunding campaign to help buy the man a car. The goal was to raise
a modest twenty five thousand dollars. 

Eight months later, over thirteen
thousand anonymous donors around the world stepped up and contributed more than
three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Not a bad penance for services

The autoworker now drives to work everyday. 

And that’s the real
lesson. Hunger isn’t just compelling, it’s contagious. 


How are you demonstrating your hunger?


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