It takes us a while to recognize our own value

Hoff’s treatise on eastern philosophy makes the point
that everybody has purpose, but no matter how useful we may be, sometimes it
takes us a while to recognize our own value. 

The good news is, the world is
mirror. Humans are able to understand the self in the context of other people.
We form our identities based on what we hear ourselves say, and how we see
others react to that. 

And so, as we continue to peel back the onion of own
identities, sometimes all we have to do is listen. To pay close attention when
people reflect our realities back to us. 

Here’s a common example. If everybody
is surprised at how easy something comes to you, there’s something there.
Regardless of what that thing is, regardless if you think it’s remarkable, and
regardless if you’re even proud to possess such a gift, there’s still something
there. You just have to be willing to accept that it’s a window into your
talent, a vehicle of your value and a step toward your future. 
That it’s worth
channeling into something real in the world. 

I recently launched a web
application to help people with this very process.Leverage Junkieis a strategic
framework that uses challenging questions to increasing the rate of return on
your assets. 

Here’s one of my personal favorites. 

How can I translate this gift
into something pragmatic that can be loved and purchased and accessed and
implemented by others?

Because even if you’re not an entrepreneur by trade,
such a question trains you to think entrepreneurially about your talents. 


How do you evaluate the market value of your unrealized but inherent expertise?


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