Enjoy it for what it is, but don’t trust it

Whenever I’m standing on the precipice of a new and
exciting opportunity, merely imagining possibilities is itself a source of joy
for me. 

Daydreaming and thinking about the future is a pleasurable experience. 

Because I understand that it’s just a thought experiment. There’s no
expectation or attachment or entitlement to these daydreams. There’s no chicken
counting, banner waving or getting my hopes up. 

As a friend mine loves to say,
enjoy it for what it is, but don’t trust it. 

Anything more is a recipe for
bitterness, disappointment and resentment. 

And so, next time you’re in the
running for a new job or a new lover or new transition in life, allow yourself
to begin dreaming of this new world. Give that gift to yourself. Relish it. 

be prepared to let it go at any moment. Don’t overestimate the likelihood that
the fantasy will actually occur. And don’t become unrealistically optimistic
about your future. 

Because no matter how good it feels to frolic in the best of
all imaginary tomorrows, that doesn’t change the simple fact of reality. 

Whatever it is that you think you want, it won’t make you whole, it won’t set
you free and it won’t bring you happiness. 

Only you can do that for yourself.
Right now. In this moment. By weakening your ties to external paths, cutting
the intermediaries and unearthing the wellspring of joy that flows within. 

anything worthwhile in life, it’s an inside job. The onus is on you. 

And if
you’re too busy chasing your elusive notion of what happiness and wholeness and
freedom means, you’ll overlook the authentic bliss you create for yourself in
the process.


What will make you happy that has nothing to do with ego or image or status?


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