Dream bigger sooner

When I look back at my list of goals from five, seven, even ten years ago, what I’m most surprised by is how small my thinking was. 

The ambitions were achievable, but they weren’t exactly visionary, strategic or emotionally compelling. The goals were honorable, but they weren’t big enough catalyze my spirit and create a sense of urgency. And they were challenging, but they wouldn’t have required a quantum step in my own capabilities. 

In fact, I’ll never forget the first time I shared my projected income goal at my annual mastermind planning session. My two colleagues nearly fell to the ground laughing. They were so ghastly underwhelmed by my goal that each of them threw twenty dollars on the table and bet that I would double my goal by the summer. 

They were wrong. I tripled it. 

Lesson learned, dream bigger sooner. Overcome the fear of owning your full potential and just fucking go for it. Pressfield reminds us never to let ourselves work small. Start playing from power, he says, because you can always dial it back later. If you don’t swing for the seats from the start, you’ll never be able to drive a fastball into the upper deck. 

What do you have to lose? Dream bigger sooner. Because even if you fall short, even if the dream is a long shot, at least for today, it’s fuel. It energizes and elevates and educates you in the process. And that makes you a winner no matter what. 

Don’t die with your music still in you. Go to your grave with your life poured out, not buried grievances and dreams unexpressed. 


Are you fooling yourself into having goals that your can easily meet which don’t require any work, effort or challenge, and have no possibility of failure?


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